A Candidate You Can Trust

Welcome to my website. My name is Sue Means. I am a Republican candidate for County Council District 5 which consists of the municipalities of Bethel Park, Bridgeville, Mt. Lebanon and Upper St. Clair.

I am reform-minded, principled, and conservative with 28 years of grassroots community service. I am a life-long resident of Allegheny County. I have served on the Bethel Park Republican Committee for the past 18 years and on the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee for 5 years. I have been married to Jim Means for 37 years. I am aware of what it takes to raise a family of 5 children and to pay the bills and the mortgage in tough economic times.

I will take on county issues with determination and effectiveness.  In 2011, I was appointed to the Council of the Friends of South Park, the county park. There I quickly earned respect of the other members. At my very first meeting, I offered to take charge of a project to evaluate the feasibility of restoring an old home in South Park, pulling together several experts to complete an appraisal and assessment within one month.  In recognition of my productivity, I was invited to chair three of the Council’s committees. My exposure to the operations of the county park system has fostered a deep desire to make an impact in the county where I have live, and given me insight into the extent of bureaucracy, inefficiency, entrenched thinking, and patronage that still hold sway in Allegheny County.

County Council is a part-time job, but I am determined to work full-time to champion the principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility. Government is too big, too costly, and lacking oversight.  Allegheny County residents pay enough taxes, and many of them are voting with their feet – by moving outside the county.

I want to make sure that the citizens of my district receive the government and the basic essential services that they are paying for. To ensure that their money is being spent wisely, I plan to watch over their tax dollars, just as if the money was coming out of my own pocketbook.

I want the economy of Allegheny County to prosper and business to flourish, creating jobs for the future. Burdensome government regulations are crushing business opportunities and costing Allegheny County residents jobs. Government does not create jobs; government gets in the way of job creators.

I have a vested interest in Allegheny County. I have lived here my whole life. My friends and family live here. My grandchildren are the fifth generation of the Edwards family to live in the district. My grandfather built Brookside Lumber Company in Bethel Park in 1926 and my family still owns and operates the company.  I want to promote economic opportunities for your family, too.

The job of a County Councilman is to safeguard the rights and property of the citizens of Allegheny County and maintain the balance of power between County Council and the County Executive. The most effective way to bring reform is by having an independent voice shine light on an inefficient, bloated bureaucracy.  I have no entangling alliances; I will be an independent voice.

My campaign slogan is Sue Means Business because it is time to make the county financially solvent. No more business as usual. As a strong advocate for smaller and more efficient government, I believe that there are common-sense solutions to the challenges that face our county. I am committed to fiscal responsibility: cutting government spending, reducing the budget, and creating jobs by fostering a business-friendly tax structure.

Please vote for me on Nov. 5, 2013.

Sue Means